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 School Counseling

School Counselors are amazing professionals providing high quality, personal professional services to K-12 students of all ages and ability levels in the areas of academic success, social/emotional health and college and career readiness.

Our team of experienced Indiana school counselors can work with your counseling team to:

  • Fully implement a functioning, comprehensive counseling program whether it’s ASCA, Gold Star, RSC or a comprehensive program of your own design,
  • Assist in organizing your K-12 guidance curriculum, advisory program or information night programs for parents
  • Move to a more data-driven program including identifying data metrics, creating new data instruments and connecting outcomes wanted to realistic strategies

Listed below are more specific ways Fleck Education can help your school and district improve the effectiveness and excellence of your school counseling program.

Lilly Comprehensive Counseling Grant

Fleck Education worked with more than 60 Indiana school corporations in preparing their Round I Lilly Comprehensive Counseling grant applications. Click here to learn how we can help you prepare a Round II counseling grant application or provide technical assistance and/or evaluation services to fully execute your Round I grant!

School Counseling Continuous Improvement Process (SCCIP)

Use our forms and technical assistance to implement an annual comprehensive school counseling program improvement and review process for your school counseling program that includes:

  • An annual assessment of your student’s counseling needs
  • Creation of annual school counseling program goals and data-driven performance indicators
  • An end-of-year summary report that you can share with your administration and community stakeholders
  • A process for finding more time for counseling through an annual counseling program review process.

Counseling Program Support

Do you simply need some guidance for your guidance program?! We have strategies that add CLARITY to your comprehensive school counseling program, help you find MORE TIME for counseling and help you identify ways to EXPAND YOUR IMPACT on student success.

Contact Matt at matt@fleckeducation.com and tell us what you need. We’ll create a proposal of how we can help and cost estimate for your review.

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