Lilly Endowment Comprehensive Counseling Grant

Evaluation and Technical Assistance Services

Fleck Education offers two services to schools and school corporations in preparing or implementing the Lilly Endowment’s Comprehensive Counseling grant.


The Lilly Endowment encourages school corporations to use a third party evaluator in each of the four years of grant implementation. Our third party evaluation services are $750/year and include the following:

  • Review your Lilly Comprehensive Counseling grant Goals and Evaluation Plan including processes, expected outputs, and projected outcomes
  • Complete a comprehensive review of your stated Strategies and Activities including:
    • Associated quantitative and qualitative output and outcome data sources and instruments being used
    • Review of your grant’s progress indicators against projected outputs and outcomes
    • Critique quality and completeness of data
    • Compare actual results with projected/anticipated outcomes
    • Discuss with school grant team members:
      • What worked/what did not work
      • Adjustments/changes to be made to strategies/activities
      • Anticipated changes to projected results
  • Provide guidance in preparing your Lilly Program Year End Report


Effective Evaluation Plans impact the successful implementation of a grant. Let us help you establish and implement your Evaluation Plan ($3,250 in Year 1 for three meetings) and, if needed, provide assistance in updating your Evaluation Plan in subsequent years (cost is dependent on need). Our assistance includes the following:

  • Technical assistance to schools/school corporations in designing and implementing the Grant Evaluation Plan including:
    • Clarifying Goals, Strategies and Actions according to Lilly Endowment definitions
    • Reviewing and/or developing:
      • The corporation’s Evaluation Plan process including who will do what, when, and
      • Projected outputs and outcomes for each identified strategy
  • Outcome and output data sources that will be used including baseline data and identification or development of data gathering instruments and measures to be used (e.g. pre-/post-tests, surveys, needs assessments, etc.)
  • Provide guidance in preparing your Lilly Endowment Program Year End Report

These services can also be customized for your individual needs with costs adjusted accordingly. Contact Matt Fleck at (317.748.0108) or Kelly Dunn at to discuss what best fits your needs.