Comprehensive Counseling Initiative Videos

CCI Monthly Video Updates

Join us here each month as we highlight Indiana school corporations that have received a Comprehensive Counseling Initiative (CCI) grant from Lilly Endowment and the community partners with whom they are working to make the initiative successful.

  • SEPTEMBERVigo County School Corporation. Listen in as District Counseling Coaches YeVonne Jones and Fern Edwards describe how their CCI grant is helping them implement the ASCA National Model across all 28 schools in the district plus a unique program called NEAT and a dynamic online system for counselors called PRISM.
  • AUGUSTSecond StepJoin Kelly Dunn as she talks with Adam Campbell from the Committee for Children about its Second Step curriculum – adopted by many Comprehensive Counseling Initiative (CCI) schools – and the importance of supporting socially and emotionally competent students.
  • JULYWabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN). Have you ever heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? Or how it connects to Indiana K-12 schools? Meet Pat Corey with WHIN, the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network, as she explains how WHIN connects students and adults to the agriculture and manufacturing industries in Indiana.
  • JUNEStephanie Reynolds. A counselor at two elementary schools and a middle school in northern Indiana, Stephanie Reynolds keeps busy! Listen in as she describes the exciting initiatives her schools have implemented through the CCI grant and how her counseling program is addressing Covid-19.
  • MAYAgriNovus Indiana. Discover AgriNovus Indiana and the many ways it is connecting with Indiana’s schools and students. Melissa Rekeweg shares the purpose of AgriNovus and how it wants to involve all schools, especially those without agriculture programs, in its outreach.
  • APRILKIPP Indy Public Schools. Listen in as Randi Perry shares how KIPP Indy Public Schools are collaborating with teachers and community organizations to grow and sustain their college and career readiness efforts.
  • MARCHSoutheast Fountain School Corporation. Principals Ashley Hammond and Kelli Morgan discuss their comprehensive counseling model, the ASCA National Model, and the unique strategies they have implemented in this small rural community.
  • FEBRUARY – NexTech. Learn about a statewide organization committed to bringing Computer Science education and experiences to K-12 classrooms around Indiana and how this work supports school counseling.
  • JANUARY – MSD Decatur Township. Join a short discussion with Chris Duzenbery to discuss the school corporation’s advances and challenges in implementing their Comprehensive Counseling Initiative grant