CTE Teacher Excellence Network (CTEN)

A new take on an old idea, the CTE Teacher Excellence Network (CTEN) proposes bringing CTE teachers of the same content area together for a one day state-level meeting this fall to share lesson plans, resources, and ideas. The state-level meetings would be followed by regional or virtual meetings during the rest of the school year in order to meet Perkins requirements for sustained (more than one-day) professional development.

CTEN state meetings would be spaced over several weeks in order for CTE Directors to secure subs and would possibly be held at one or more of the CTE centers in and around Indianapolis. Industry-specific leaders, state officials, and postsecondary representatives would also be invited to attend to share the latest trends, updates, and all aspects of the industry.

In addition to best practices, the agenda would include sharing what works with students with IEPs, recruitment methods and ways to keep students engaged, how to integrate academic standards into CTE coursework, and related topics. Ideally, CTE Directors would nominate an outstanding teacher or two to help with the presentations.

Shareable resources from each of the meetings would be collected and placed on our CTE1Stop.org website, organized by content area for anyone to access, especially those who could not attend. Followup meetings at the district or regional level could be conducted in-person or virtually through Zoom or another online platform.

To be successful and cost effective, at least 20 teachers per content area would need to register for each workshop. Since there are more than 60 state-approved Pathways, some content areas would be combined.

We would love your feedback, good or bad, and level of interest. Please click here to answer a brief three question survey. If interest is high, we’ll get to work.