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Perkins V Local Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Fleck Education has created a new four-step tool that states and local CTE programs can use to meet the new Perkins V Local Comprehensive Needs Assessment requirements. The document details what local CTE data could be collected and provides local discussion prompts, texts of the law and a brainstorming form to begin identifying required stakeholders to involve.

The tool is completely free, allowing states/regions the ability to edit and adjust the information as needed.

For more information or to get a Word version of this document for editing, contact Matt at or at 317.748.0108.

2018-19 Technical Assistance for Indiana CTE Directors

Professional Mentoring. Provide mentoring to new teachers or receive practical answers to YOUR questions from experienced former Indiana CTE Directors Cindy Frey and Frank Svarczkopf via phone, email, text or in-person meetings throughout the school year. It’s just-in-time help!

Practical Support. Fleck Education provides practical support to new and veteran CTE Directors to resolve personnel issues, review/establish district policies and procedures, analyze budgets and expenses, figure out  state and Perkins requirements, collect and submit data, understand how to best work with administrators and counselors, and more.

Professional Development. We’ve been providing workshops to CTE teachers, counselors, and administrators for nearly TEN YEARS on everything from Indiana’s new Graduation Pathways to College and Career Pathways and everything in between such as:

  • Making the Most of Core Indicators
  • Practical Strategies for Improving Non-Traditional Enrollment & Retention
  • CTE Basics: Advisory Committees, Course Syllabi, and Assessments
  • CTE 101 for School Counselors

For more information, contact Kelly at or at 317.402.4904

2019 Indiana CTE Cohort Visits

Beginning January 2019, Indiana CTE Directors now have the option of requesting a one-day site visit conducted by a cohort of 3-5 veteran CTE Directors to review and discuss their CTE programs and progress.  Site visits are:

  • Completely voluntary
  • Scheduled on a day and time that works best for the CTE Director
  • Supportive, collegial, and confidential – information is for the CTE Director only
  • Focused on sharing ideas, resources, and promising practices with colleagues
  • Operated through IACTED with the support of the Indiana Department of Education

CTE Cohort Visits provide a positive, non-punitive way for CTE Directors to collaborate and discuss a district’s positive practices, areas of concern, answer questions, and explore new ideas. Similar cohort visits, conducted in the past, were well-received and a positive way for Indiana CTE programs to continuously improve.

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