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Technical Assistance for Indiana CTE Directors

CTE Teacher Excellence Network (CTEN) Join us for this new statewide “Communities of Practice” initiative to bring CTE teachers from each primary content area together for one state-level meeting and at least one regional meeting to share best practices, hear from employers and industry leaders on all aspects of the industry, learn about the latest workforce trends, and grow as CTE teachers. Learn more at Click here to see how this aligns with Perkins V PD requirements. Cost: $200/teacher.

RAMP Ready A new, one-year guided online program that leads school counselors through a month-by-month process to become a national Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) standards. Read more about RAMP here. And click here to see how RAMP Ready aligns with Perkins V PD requirements. $2,000/comprehensive middle or high school.

CTE Cohort Visits This cost covers participant travel reimbursement, one experienced CTE Cohort Team facilitator and summary notes following the visit. We find the Cohort Team members, you schedule the visit at a time that works for you, and we conduct all pre- and post-meeting details. CTE Directors in 2019 said, “Today was awesome” and “Thanks for the shot of encouragement! It is much needed/appreciated!” Click here to see how this aligns with Perkins V PD requirements. $1,500/visit.

CTE Mentoring/Coaching CTE specialist extraordinaire, Cindy Frey provides these services with HIGH MARKS from ALL CTE Directors and teachers involved. Support is provided through a mix of in-person, email, phone and text communication (whatever works best for you and your teachers). See how this aligns with Perkins V PD requirements on the next page. $150 an hour, with a minimum of 4 hours, ($600) plus travel costs and billed on an “as used” basis only (that is, you are only charged for actual time with the coach). Click here to see how this aligns with Perkins V PD requirements. $1,500/visit.

For more information, contact Kelly at or at 317.402.4904

Indiana CTE Cohort Visits

Beginning last year, Indiana CTE Directors have the option of requesting a one-day site visit conducted by a cohort of 3-5 veteran CTE Directors to review and discuss their CTE programs and progress.  Site visits are:

  • Completely voluntary
  • Scheduled on a day and time that works best for the CTE Director
  • Supportive, collegial, and confidential – information is for the CTE Director only
  • Focused on sharing ideas, resources, and promising practices with colleagues
  • Operated through IACTED with the support of the Indiana Department of Education

CTE Cohort Visits provide a positive, non-punitive way for CTE Directors to collaborate and discuss a district’s positive practices, areas of concern, answer questions, and explore new ideas. Similar cohort visits, conducted in the past, were well-received and a positive way for Indiana CTE programs to continuously improve. Contact Kelly at to schedule a CTE Cohort Visit in your district.

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