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 Career and Technical Education

At Fleck Education, we are specialists in helping CTE Teachers, Administrators and Counselors…

Meet Perkins Performance Indicators

  • Program and Student Success (PASS) Workshops
    These workshops engage regional CTE teams in a process of reviewing their own CTE data and building a goal-based improvement plan
  • Annual State CTE Data Reviews
    provide a professional, third-party summary of your yearly state CTE student and program performance data
  • Targeted technical assistance or project management provides that “extra” level of support to ensure all CTE programs are successful

Expand CTE Effectiveness

  • Our research and data analyses grounded in our understanding of CTE and
    25 years of research experience are powerful tools for improving effectiveness
  • We provide unique, virtual CTE teacher mentoring by phone, email or live online is a new service for struggling CTE teachers and directors with veteran CTE specialists Cindy and Lou who have 60+ combined years’ experience as CTE teachers and leaders

Strengthen Workforce and Postsecondary Links

  • Pathways Construction and Maintenance. We specialize in providing practical, seasoned technical assistance to schools, career centers and states working through the challenges of implementing and updating quality pathways
  • School Counselor College and Career Readiness Certification
    is an 8-part online workshop series for K-12 school counselors to boost their understanding of CTE’s role in career and postsecondary readiness

Enhance State CTE Office Productivity

  • We provide State-Specific Support – from strategic planning to project management – to maximize the effectiveness of your CTE projects and programs
  • 360° Staff Climate Audits improve communication and state staff productivity through a research-based process and guided discussions

Contact Matt at matt@fleckeducation.com  (317.748.0108) or Kelly at kelly@fleckeducation.com to find out how we can customize these services and supports to meet your specific needs.

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