The Indiana Awards for Excellence (AFE) program highlights the outstanding achievement of Career and Technical Education (CTE) students, pathways and career advisement programs around the state as well as exceptional employer partnerships that invigorate secondary and postsecondary student preparation for career success. The Indiana Association of Career and Technical Education Districts (IACTED) invites every Indiana CTE District to select and submit a state nominee for EACH of the following awards:

Use the appropriate website link (above) to enter your CTE District’s nominees in any or all of the four award categories. Note that anyone with these links can submit nomination information for the state level competition.

  • Student Contact Information (only for the Student Award)
  • Nominator Contact Information
  • Nomination Information – Information about the nominee
  • Supporting Materials – Additional supporting materials are optional


  • It is best for ONE person to enter nomination details if the information will be entered at different times. This allows you to save partially completed nomination information and enter the rest at a later time. The online system remembers the computer or device of the individual who begins the nomination application and will save that information until the individual reopens the application from the same computer/device
  • Be sure to click the “Next” button at the bottom of each submission page to SAVE the entered information. When you return to a saved nomination form, click the “Previous” page button to review or enter additional information.

2017-18 AFE Timeline

  • October-November 2017 – Select district nominees for state AFE program
  • November 30, 2017 – Deadline for submitting state AFE nominees
  • December 2017 – IACTED AFE Selection Committees meets to select state awardees
  • January 2018 – Invitations are sent to award recipients
  • February 2018 – CTE Awards for Excellence Ceremony during National CTE Month

PDF Copies of Nomination Forms

  • CTE Student Award Nomination Form – PDF Version
  • CTE Program of Study or Pathway Award Nomination Form – PDF Version
  • CTE Partnership Award Nomination Form – PDF Version
  • CTE School Counseling/Career Services Award Nomination Form – PDF Version

AFE Scoring Rubrics

Click here to download a copy of the Secondary AFE Scoring Rubrics for all four awards categories

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1. Who do I contact if I have questions or challenges in submitting nomination information?
    Contact Davis Moore at the Indiana Department of Education – – if you have questions or need assistance with any aspect of the Awards for Excellence nomination process
  • Question 2. Can I start and stop, then come back later to complete an online nomination form?
    Yes, as long as 1) all changes are made prior to the awards nomination deadline of November 30 and 2) changes are made on the same computer. The online program remembers the computer or device of the person who first entered the information so that individual can quickly and easily return to complete the rest of the information. Remember, individuals must click on the “Next” button (at the bottom of each nomination page) to save the information that is entered to be able to return to it later.
  • Question 3. What if I begin entering a Student Award nomination, for example, can I then forward the link to a teacher to enter the rest of the nomination information? 
    Unfortunately no. However, you can forward a PDF copy of the specific nomination form to the teacher and reference what questions you need completed. Then, have them return the requested information to you to enter into the online nomination form.
  • Question 4. I entered nomination information on the online form but I don’t see that information when I return to the online nomination form.
    If you are logged in at the same computer, click on the “Previous” button at the bottom of any page which should return you to previously completed information. If that information is missing, it is possible that the “Next” button was not used to save the previously entered information before exiting.
  • Question 5. Is it required to hold a local awards contest?
    No. But some CTE Directors find it helpful to hold a local awards contest in order to determine state nominees for each of the four awards categories. Most ask teachers and counselors to nominate award candidates (e.g. students, partners, programs) or themselves, setting a local due date in October or early November, and then create a small selection committee to select award winners. Contact Mike Ripperger ( or Nicole Otte ( for questions about how they run their district contests. The scoring rubrics used for the state AFE contest are attached to this handout for your selection committee to use if you wish.
  • Question 6. How do I get an online form for my local/district awards contest?
    Contact Davis Moore at for copies of the online nomination forms which you can use for your local contest. An Excel file summarizing your nominees’ submitted information will be sent to you immediately after your contest deadline.